Haldane Martin

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Address:2 Woodlands House, 17 Woodlands Road, Woodstock, Cape Town


Every industry is saturated, with businesses competing fiercely for customers, staff and suppliers.

We assist our clients to attract, develop and maintain loyal customers, staff and suppliers by collaborating with our clients to discover and express their authentic identity through iconic interior and furniture design. Iconic design is unique, innovative, functional, captures the zeitgeist and is memorable. These factors assist our clients to be noticed, loved and remembered.

South African designer Haldane Martin founded his eponymous design studio in 2002 to create iconic furniture designs and later interior spaces with a powerful sense of identity and conceptual depth.

As a designer he has been instrumental in the emergence of a new South African design language and identity, both in his early signature furniture designs and more recent commercial interiors that contribute towards the evolution of culture.

Early works such as the iconic Songololo sofa and Zulu Mama chair were groundbreaking South African designs that seamlessly integrate indigenous craft, sustainability, cultural identity, biomimicry, geometry and digital design, becoming highly sought after by design collectors worldwide.

The studio’s more recent high-concept interior design work has garnered global attention. Haldane Martin works together with commercial brands to create extraordinary spaces. Transforming concepts that capture the essence of a brand into innovative interiors with unique character, original furniture designs and custom fittings, each interior manifests the brand’s identity in a physical, three-dimensional form.

Haldane Martin’s first large-scale commercial project, Truth Coffee’s steampunk-inspired HQ in Cape Town, was named “world’s best coffee shop” by MSN Travel in 2013 and The Telegraph UK in 2015, and won the Gold Loerie for interior design that year. This concept interior with its unique bespoke elements is exemplary of the studio’s ability to tap into the essence of the client’s brand identity and express it through objects and space in an iconic way. More recently, Mad Giant in Johannesburg won Best Restaurant Design in Africa & the Middle East at the international Restaurant and Bar Design Awards.

“I have taken my sensitivity to identity and skill to manifest this through objects and spaces and applied these to helping innovative businesses deepen their own sense of identity and purpose in the marketplace and express it through interior design.

When my clients join me on this journey and ask themselves the age-old question, “Who are we, and what unique value do we offer the world?” great things happen, the essence is uncovered and new parts are discovered. Through forging unique, expressive spaces, a new icon is born.”