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The IID is the only professional body representing the Interior Design industry in South Africa. It serves the needs of registered, practicing Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Interior Decorating Professionals as well as Educational institutes and Suppliers, that provide services to the Interior Design industry.

Joining the IID enhances your Interior Design career and your business. Being a Member of a
professional body tells people that you are serious about Interior Design. It indicates your status as a business Professional with valuable industry skills.

The IID Constitution

Membership of the IID is renewed annually on the date your membership started or commenced. Should you wish to terminate your Membership you are required to advise the National Office in writing at least 3 months prior to your annual membership renewal.

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Benefits of Membership

The South African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID) is the only Professional body for Interior Architects, Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Education Institutions and Suppliers to the Interior Design Industry in South Africa. Joining the IID enhances your Interior Design career and your business. Being a member of your Professional Body tells people that you’re serious about Interior Design. It indicates your status as a Business Professional with valuable Industry Skills.

IID Membership Benefits include:

Professional Recognition & Status

  • Gives you credibility by belonging to a professional body.
  • You can display your status as an IID Professional Interior Architect, Interior Designer or Interior Decorator in your place of business, on your website, on your business card and in business directories. It reassures customers that you are a qualified professional.
  • Use your IID Membership Card to access fee reductions and special offers.


  • Access to the IID Membership list to market your products / services.
  • Host IID Meetings / Events to promote your Company, Products and Services to Members.
  • Advertising and Promotions in IID Newsletters.
  • Listing of Company, Products and Services (webpage) on IID Website.
  • Host talks, facilitated by the IID, at Approved Education Institutions to educate students about your Company, Products and Services.


  • Investigation and mediation services between Members, Suppliers and the Public in the event of Product, Service or Contractual Issues.

Public Awareness

  • The IID promotes awareness and recognition of the status of professional members to Government, Public and Business Communities.
  • Exposure is via press, media, exhibitions and IID website.
  • Listings of Professional members in trade and consumer directories.
  • The IID maintains an annual stream of promotion about the aims and values of the professional body and interior design to reinforce the professional standing of members to industry.

Referral Service

  • As a core benefit to members, the IID maintains an online database of members and their areas of expertise / specialisation.
  • Client referrals for prospective clients looking for interior design services are done via the IID website.
  • This online referral service is actively promoted via advertising and through a number of publications.
  • This also offers members online access to a database of registered suppliers and manufacturers within the industry.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • The IID annual program of CPD workshops and seminars promote continued learning as a key element of professional interior design practice.


  • Many of the most valuable benefits of membership result from participation and networking with your professional peers.

International Links

  • Membership of the International Council of Design  (ico-D) enables the IID to act as a formal contact point between the South African Interior Design profession and international design organizations.

Participation on Committee

  • As an IID Professional member, you can gain knowledge and contacts to build your career and further your interests in the Interior Design profession by participating in the IID National Committee on a national or regional level.
  • The IID is also approached by Government and industry bodies looking for representatives to provide input into planning and policy as well as to judge awards.

Lobbying & Policy Formation

  • The IID communicates and negotiates with Government and make submissions to enquiries and Government committees on matters of interest to the Inter Design profession.
  • We also represent and manage the member’s interests in Government with the formation of policies affecting the industry.

The IID list of benefits grows and changes as new initiatives are undertaken.

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