Full-time Courses in Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Interior Decoration

Full-time 3-4 year diplomas and degrees should include practical work experience whereby the student is placed within the industry to gain exposure to meaningful experiential training. The following institutions are members of the IID. Please contact them for further information. 


Part-Time and Correspondence Courses in Interior Design and Interior Decoration

The IID recommends that part time and correspondence courses are only used as a stepping stone towards entry into the interior design industry. There is no “quick fix” to entering this field of expertise and there is vast difference between those undertaking a short course to practice as a hobby and those wishing to make the commitment towards earning a living in the interior design arena. The IID does not recognize such courses except where the Education Institute has been certified by the Council for Higher Education, have presented their course to the IID and is a professional member of the Institute. As a professional body we focus on the professional practice of interior design. To be a member of the IID one must have finished an appropriate design education in interior architecture, design or decoration totaling at least 6 years of combined education and experience. Candidates who complete short or correspondence courses should apprentice themselves to a professional practice to gain the knowledge and experience required to follow a career in the industry. 

Short Courses

The South African Institute of the Interior Design Professions awards IID CPD credits to a number of short courses run through accredited educational institutions and independent bodies as well as IID-initiatives and workshops. 

DISCLAIMER The IID is in no way affiliated to ‘The Interior Design Institute’ or any other institution offering online courses and courses referred to on our website should not be confused with those offered by those entities.

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