The 13th  National Annual General Meeting of The African Institute of the Interior Design Professions was held in Johannesburg on the 13th of August 2019 and was followed by Regional Round-Ups in Cape Town, Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth.

The AGM overall was a success and very informative for our valued IID Members. This year’s AGM was focused on updating and informing our Members with the changes and improvements being worked on behind the scenes. The AGM next year will take place between September and October due to preparation and planning for the new year. We hope to see more of our valued IID Members attend and get involved.

Having our Director/s attend the Regional Round-ups was definitely a success and a great way for them to connect with our Members and gauge what the regions are up to. A big thank you to all our Ambassadors for their hard work and efforts in each region, making sure their members are well looked after and showing their support to the industry!

A message from our Director  Prof. Desmond Laubscher

“I have always been passionate about our industry and particularly how design can be used as the catalyst to improve the quality of life for all. Having had the privilege of attending this year’s AGM of the IID in Johannesburg and then presenting the findings in Port Elizabeth and East London I am so glad to report there is an energy and passion being generated by our members that is gratifying to see. There is a deep understanding of good quality professional design among our fraternity.

The future is indeed in good hands thanks to the enthusiasm of our two office staff, our directors, our regional ambassadors and our membership at large. There are many new ventures planned for the future including new categories of membership, firming up our relationship with SACAP, hosting lifelong learning workshops and many more activities that will up the ante of the IID. I feel privileged to be part of this new generation of designers that are making a difference! “

A message from our Director Robyn Self

“As a creative designer in the interior and built environment industry, it can be quite hard managing all this on your own. This is why I am so excited to be part of the IID and to work with so many other talented designers and creatives where we can share information and just support each other in our industry. Collectively, with our ideas, we can become a force to be reckoned with. Sharing knowledge, and partaking in events, workshops and seminars will expand our horizons as a whole, but also create a sense of family on this sometimes lonely road. Whether you have been doing this for 20 years or just a few months, every designer needs a little inspiration, and with what the IID has planned over the next few months, we are sure to offer that extra bit of insight to our fellow colleagues and members.”

A message from our Director Charrisse Johnston

“Attending the Cape Town and KZN AGMs – and especially talking personally with fellow IID members – was incredibly inspiring and gratifying! Since these were my first AGMs, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was hopeful that we’ve been working on would be received well. Well, to my delight, that was an understatement. I’m that everyone seems to brimming with positivity, and while we all acknowledge that big challenges exist, we are excited about sharing ideas and spreading the word about the next iteration of IID. Together, I know we can address big issues (promoting excellence in design, and using design to better people’s lives) while remaining true to our mission: supporting our members’ practices and careers; educating the public; and protecting our right to practice. Stay tuned for big announcements on the horizon! “

A message from our new CEO Nikita Naicker

“I am very pleased and honored to have been titled with this position and hope I can be what the IID needs. My vision is for the IID to be a body that professionals in the industry are proud to be a part of and to be a body that is known in the industry for the support we offer our members and their business and careers.”

Annual Financial Statement  by Jason Gunn (IID Accountant) –

2018 was a challenging year for the IID due to major changes in leadership and office staff that were necessary. This did impact the numbers and create an uncertainty amongst members. However, there has been more control over revenue, budget and structures for reserves.

VAT and PAYE are up to date.

In 2018 there were many unnecessary expenses, this has been revised and brought to a minimum.

General discussions

  • Building up the corporate membership can improve cash flow for the IID but unfortunately the corporates have a negative attitude towards the IID due to bad management in the past and lack of benefits.
  • The database that was adopted by the new management team was not a true reflection of the number of members the IID had. Many had never renewed and are no longer operating and a number of other reasons.
  • We will need the help of current members to talk to the corporate members as to why it is important to belong to the IID and if we get enough Corporate on board our designers will only use those that are members of the IID.
  • We need more fabric houses to become members
  • It was suggested that we bill members monthly instead of annual to keep a constant cash flow, and makes use of debit orders; Members suggested that if offer a package to sign up for 36 months and only pay for 34 months.

Trademark Importance by Denis Warren-Tangney –

It is vital that all members make use of the “new” logo, containing the Trademark annotation, as this is the intellectual property of the IID.  Use of the “old” logo is actually an offense, and only the “new” logo is recognised.

The reason why the IID (and others) register a Trademark is to safeguard their brand.  It also gives credence to the entity with the Trademark.  A huge amount of hard work and dedication goes into building a brand, and no-one wants someone else to run away with a name similar or the same!  This is just one of the benefits that the IID offers to its members- recognition of a unique, accepted brand as an association.  The same logic can be applied to all entities wishing to register a Trademark. by Denis Warren-Tangney Inc.

For more information on trademarks please contact Denis Warren-Tangney Inc. on 087 152 0144 or contact the IID to request your updated logo on

New Artisan Category by Prof. Desmond Laubscher

“The introduction of an artisans category met with great approval and I also mentioned we were working on including other design categories in our membership eg. Graphic, Multimedia and Product Design.”

IID Restructure

Introduction of the new IID Directors; Robyn Self and Charisse Johnston. Paige Waplington resigned as CEO. The CEO is not a paid position, it is difficult for an individual to commit the time that is required by a CEO. It was decided by the Directors that the COO position would fall away and that Nikita Naicker would take the title as the IID CEO.

CPD Policy Explained

The IID believes that all members of a professional society have a continuing responsibility to improve their skills, increase their knowledge, and keep up-to-date with an ever-changing design environment.  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) not only benefits the professional growth of each member individually, but it also contributes to the continuing excellence of the professional as a whole. Therefore, IID requires all members to accumulate CPD credits as a condition of membership.

  • All IID candidate and professional members are required to accumulate a minimum of 12 CPD credits per 2-year membership cycle.
  • The 12 CPD credits must be earned from a minimum of 3 of the categories below.
  • The cut-off date for submission of CPD activities is the end of the last month of the 2-year membership cycle.
  • While IID will attempt to record attendance at IID CPD-accredited events, it is member’s responsibility to track his/her credits
  • CPD Credits are assigned based on the content of the activity or event. The content of all IID approved activities or events are vetted to ensure that they directly aid in the development of members’ professional ability.

Updated Documents – Click to Download

Feedback from our Educational Committee with regards to incorporating IID information into the Interior Design Curriculum in 2020.

It has been decided by the Management committee and Directors to share the above AGM documents mentioned with IID Approved Educational Institutes to add to their curriculum. We would like a bigger and stronger involvement in 2020 with our Approved Educational Institutes to assist students and fill the gap between being a student and being a working professional. Keep your eye open for upcoming workshops – 


The IID has been meeting with Amanda Breytenbach, the chairperson of the Educational Committee and Desmond Laubscher with regards to the requirements for Validation. Besides the Validation itself there are a number of questions that need to be discussed and agreed upon between the IID and SACAP before we go ahead. A meeting has been set up with SACAP that will take place within the next few weeks to understand how we will be moving forward.

Social Media Insights – Followers

  • Facebook – 2642
  • Twitter – 2297
  • LinkedIn – 704
  • LinkedIn Company Page – 30
  • Instagram – 1181

The Attendance of the 2019 AGM in each Region

This is definitely an area for improvement in 2020, as we hope our members get more involved in the industry and the IID. Together we can make the industry bigger, better and in return a greater support system

The National AGM and the Regional Round-Ups Feedback

Johannesburg – Tuesday 13 August 2019 at 15h30 – National AGM – Boogertman & Partners – IID Design Agency
Directors: Prof. Desmond Laubscher and Robyn Self
Gauteng Ambassadors: Juliet Kavishe and Lisa Younger

  • Feedback given was that it was a great platform for our members to share their ideas, comments and concerns. This being said, it was a wonderful opportunity for the National Office to engage with our Members and gain a better understanding of their views. The afternoon began with a tour of the Boogertman and Partner’s Bryanston Office space, which was very interesting to see and experience with other designers in the industry. We then served our members some comfort food and drinks before the formality of the AGM began.

Cape Town – Thursday 15 August 2019 at 10h30 – Regional Round-Up at All Office
Directors: Robyn Self and Charrisse Johnston
Western Cape Ambassadors: Amanda Msimang and Lauren Van Rooyen

  • “Guests who had been at the previous AGM commented on what an improvement this event was with many guests saying how much value they got from attending and that they really enjoyed the event.” Lauren van Rooyen
  • The Cape Town region Promoted Excellence by inviting business coach Lindie Malan to speak at the event on “What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur” –
  • The speaker presentations were brought to a close on a high note with the competition giveaway of an office chair by All Office and a business book by Lindie Malan.

Durban – Tuesday 20 August 2019 at 11h00 – KwaZulu Natal Regional Round-Up at Belgotex Umhlanga – IID Corporate Member
Director: Charrisse Johnston
KwaZulu Natal Ambassadors: Penny Moon & Kristen

  • “Members were very pleased at what the IID is busy doing and the direction it is taking. Members felt energized and motivated about the profession. Durban IID members who didn’t come really missed out!”
  • The KwaZulu region Promoted Excellence by inviting our very own IID Director, Charrisse Johnston to speak at the event. Charrisse spoke about today’s interior spaces no longer fall into the traditional “verticals” of workplace, residential, education, retail, hospitality etc. We’re seeing student housing and hospitals that look like glamorous hotels, learning spaces that resemble cutting edge offices, airports that could double as high-end shopping malls, and offices that look and feel like our homes.  What’s going on? And what do they all have in common? Charrisse discussed how such disparate influences as the global recession, the aging population, the proliferation of Instagram, and the proliferation of sensor-embedded products all affect not only how spaces look but also how we design them.

Port Elizabeth – Tuesday 20 August 2019 at 14h00 – Eastern Cape Regional Round-Up at Hello It’s Me, Walmer
Director: Prof. Desmond Laubscher

Port Elizabeth Ambassador: Andrea Fischer Collett

  • The Port Elizabeth region Promoted Excellence by inviting Nicky Le Roux and Gary Welsh from Goodbye Boring Advertising to speak at the event. They were very informative and insightful, presenting their “All Bran Flakes’ Creative Workshop. Goodbye Boring shared insight about branding and brand development, a creative workshop on various Architypes and how “WE”/ Our Businesses related to these and how our brand can relate to the architype wheel –

East London – Wednesday 21 August 2019 at 10h00 – Eastern Cape Regional Round-Up at the Hathaway Guest House
Director: Prof. Desmond Laubscher

East London Ambassadors: Bridget Suttie Meier and Ermie Pascoe

  • “A very informative talk from our very own Director Desmond Laubscher. The region would like to have more guest speakers in the future visiting. we felt that the IID needs to do more marketing to the general public via print and social media to the magazines on offer every month (H&L, garden and home, home owner, house and garden etc) to educate the PUBLIC on hiring a registered designer or decorator”

The East London region Promoted Excellence by inviting local business entrepreneur Peter Harvey to speak at the event on knowing and charging your worth! A very inspiring talk to apply in your business. He spoke on the following points; 1. Begin with the end in mind, 2. Define your customer, 3. Build a network, 4. Ensure you are not cutting sawdust –

For further information or clarification of any item please contact the National Office.

Kind regards and thanks,

Nikita Naicker
IID Professions – CEO
Phone 066 486 3214 Mobile 074 118 8706














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