Why it’s crucial to belong to an industry-association

Owning a business is a great joy that comes with equally great responsibility. You’re pioneering jobs for others, handling busy projects, finding new clients, hoping to get that big break, and through all of this you’re making sure all the figures add up and the profit margin remains afloat.
If you wake up occasionally and feel overwhelmed and stressed out, it’s part of the territory. Maybe your business is at a crucial growth point and you’re anxious to see how things go. Maybe you’re having a bad run with clients, or perhaps you’ve simply hit a creative stumbling block. We’ve all been there.
A lifeline that’s designed for interior designers and decorators
Imagine having the support of other creative professionals in the design industry. Being able to pick up the phone and call for help.
Here are the benefits you can expect to gain as a member of the IID.
The benefit everyone talks about
Of course there’s that one perk of joining any kind of club or group that no one told you about. Sometimes these bonuses are unintentional, they simply happen because a collaborative effort can have a powerful effect.
Joining the IID will give you access to exclusive specials and products that are not available on the market outside of the association. Many of our members have resolved to only serving members of the IID, giving them access to unique and inspired products or services.

  1. An easy way to add credibility to your business

The IID requires all of its members to have fulfilled 5 years in the professional field after completing the relevant degree needed in their profession. We also ensure each member complies with the best practices in the industry, as stipulated by the Code of Professional Conduct. Only prestige design and decorating is delivered to clients by members of the IID.
This means the IID has an exceptionally good reputation.
It means we can guarantee good service to clients, which in turn translates into more business for the members of the IID.
Your membership with the IID serves as a quality-assurance to any members of the general public wishing to use your services.

  1. Grow your customer base by increasing your visibility

Getting your name out there is one of the top priorities of successful businesses because, without clients, the business is non existent. Finding clients can be tricky, especially if you are a creative person rather than a people person.
As a member of the IID, you will be offered opportunities which will place your business in the spotlight. We aim to build your business, creating a positive buzz around your name and making sure that others in the industry know about you. Members of the IID are offered opportunities to get featured on social media. We also provide helpful information and resources on handling your own marketing.

  1. How the IID keeps you trending and relevant

As the business world evolves, people’s needs change.
Ensuring your service offerings align with the needs of your clients is crucial to surviving in the competitive market.
Collaborating with others will keep you aligned with industry best-practices, and inspire the creative juices to flow better in your business.
The networking opportunities given to our members mean the latest newsy information is always available to you. No man is an island, and we want to make sure all our members are keeping up with the newest ideas.
If you’re battling to find the time to come to the gatherings and events, sign up for our newsletter and keep up to date with everything that is happening from your inbox. You’re also welcome to contact other members of the IID and arrange coffee meet-ups, collaborate, and share ideas in your own time.
Belonging to an industry association means you have colleagues in business rather than competition.

  1. Why networking is an essential part of success

There are many business networks available where members share ideas and promote each other’s businesses. They generally meet and talk about their own businesses with the hopes that fellow members will give them leads.
This is great, but the IID offers the same service that’s more in-depth.
We are an association of architects, interior designers, and interior decorators. We are all experienced in the industry and familiar with the challenges that come with the territory. That means we can offer support that is helpful.
We regularly host educational events, competitions, and get-togethers that allow you to showcase your skills and share ideas. Collaborating with others is vital to growing your creativity and trying new ideas. Networking will prevent you from falling into a rut and getting stuck in a limbo of the same-old.

  1. How the IID helps with the daily admin of running a creative business

You’re creative. You come up with the big ideas and the ‘wow’ factor that wins you clients. Dealing with the day-to-day contract writing, planning and admin can be a never-ending nightmare that renews itself each Monday.
The IID gives you access to industry-relevant contracts, we provide you with legal resources and assistance and we offer mediation services too. That way, you can get on with the creative work while the paperwork for the nitty gritty is handled.
Your front row ticket to success
If you love the idea of being the most creative of the creatives, a membership with the IID will be an indispensable tool for your business. You’ll be at the forefront of industry news, you’ll have access to resources and services, you’ll have exclusive access to select products and services that relate to the industry, and you are acknowledged as an ethical and qualified professional. 
In exchange for this, you need to participate regularly.
Your input will allow you to showcase your skills, network with others, boost your creativity and increase your profit margin.
If you’re ready to gain each of the powerful benefits we’ve just spoken about, take action. Find the membership forms to join the IID here: https://www.iidprofessions.org.za/join-the-iid/

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The African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID) is the only professional body representing the Interior Design industry in South Africa. It operates nationally with representation in GautengKwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern and Western Cape.

The Institute is dedicated to establishing, promoting and maintaining expertise, professionalism, sound business practice and high standards throughout the industry.

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