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Happy New Year! 

This year promises to be one of inspiration and excitement. It is also one of growth, change and commercial value, as we all begin to reap the rewards of hard work from the previous years.

Estate Living has anticipated the growth of the market, and has successfully implemented the channels to bring the community together for the last 6 years, providing the platforms to communicate to each side of the market directly and with credibility.

In 2018 you can look forward to:

  • more great content in the monthly Estate Living magazine
  • the annual ‘Association of Residential Communities’ Conference 12 – 14 September at Serengeti Estate in Johannesburg
  • the accompanying ‘Residential Estate Industry Journal’ which communicates industry best practice, policy and proceedure
  • the ‘Developer Journal’ which provides a place for property developers to find innovation and collaborate
  • Estate Living’s Estate portal, bringing you everything you need to know about Estate life, under one roof
  • and the Affiliate Network, which provides sales opportunities for our partners.

Contact us for means to participate.

Whatever change 2018 brings for you and your family, we hope it is filled with growth and inspiration on both the personal and business front.

In the words of Mary Shelley and Dr Spock: “Go forth and prosper.”

The latest print edition has arrived on your estate – Happy Reading!

In this Edition – 

  • ‘Affordable Estate Living’ to match your investment strategy
  • The Skye Durban’s new Apartment Living development focuses on convenience
  • Helderberg Village in the Western Cape offers upmarket retirement at its best
  • New trends in colour, technology and smart architectural design
  • Find real treasure in the Seyschelles
  • …and so much more

Read the City Slickers Edition Online by ‘clicking’ on the cover image – expand to ‘full view’ for easiest reading.

Contact Us for the Opportunities:

072 171 1979 / 073 335 4084



Bookings now OPEN for March 2018 edition