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National Office

Office Hours Monday to Friday 09h00 to 16h00
Address Postal   Physical
P O Box 84137 109 Greenway,
Greenside Greenside, Johannesburg
2034 South Africa
Fax   Phone
086 651 8375 +27 66 486 3214
Nikita Naicker
Mobile 074 118 8706
Office & Resource Council Manager Maria Thiel
Mobile 082 891 6308
Education Representative Amanda Breytenbach
Paige Waplington
Past CEO Jason Wiggin
Prof. Desmond Laubscher
Denis Warren-Tangney
  Sharon Nicolaci
Regional Liaison
Eastern Cape Bridget Meier
KwaZulu Natal Penny Moon  
North West Province
Corne Du Toit
Western Cape Amanda Msimang

All enquiries to be directed to the National Office